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Safari So Goody!


Hi Everyone,

We went on Safari, early start up at 0500. The drive to the park entrance was only half an hour! We had two open air jeeps, a bit chilly but lovely to get some fresh air.

Kruger really not what I expected, I have never been to SA or on safari in my lifetime. The National Park was too organised for me! I had visions of us driving through the bush on muddy dirt tracks, lots of dust, not much green vegetation and very hot… It wasn’t like this at all, instead there was a tarmac road system within the park, road signs and quite cold… Oh and no dust!.

We opted for a half day safari as we all wanted a little snooze and sunbathe in the afternoon! I am glad we did as I actually fell asleep for the last 20 minutes of the Safari and only kept waking up when the crew shouted ‘STOP!, there’s something over there!’. We saw lots of different animals but I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t see Lions & Rhino from close up. Some of my favourite’s included lots of Elephants, Giraffe & Zebra’s. I am not sure if I would do another Safari in future as I am not very patient and like to know what’s coming up…guarantees!! Anyway another tick .

Kruger felt quite safe for SA, I took a taxi into ‘White River’ which was the town most local to our hotel - not much going on there! The countryside is amazing, very beautiful. Our little hotel was great ‘The Winkler’ really good service with good facilities which is about 30 minutess from Kruger Airport.

I rang the girls today, they are at my Mum & Dad’s tonight as Mr Merrick is also away. They cried! and now I feel even worse about leaving them – ‘What a bad Mum I am’ that Mum guilt thing is now fully established! In Africa I just wanted a kiddy-cuddle, but I couldn’t as they would have charged me! ‘money, money, give me your money!’

Take a look at some of my pictures… really looking forward to a rest at the Maldives!

Lilla x

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Love it loads!!

all seasons in one day

Hi everyone,

Not quite sure what I was expecting but have been really surprised. It is the cleanest place I have visited, once a month on a saturday they have a 'Community Clean Day' all the residents have to clean the streets wash buildings.... It's amazing, we saw this happening yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon a group of us were picked up from our hotel to start our Gorilla Trek, we stayed in a little lodge just outside the national park, no electricity just a little generator at night, a fire in our room (really cold as we are quite high up). The rooms were comfortable, running hot water, shower, toilet but a little scary.... Wake up call booked foir 0530Local time this morning.

If I told you that a Gorilla brushed past me you probably wouldnt beleive me! well one did... and it was the leader of the pack 'Silverback'. We stayed with the gorillas for about 1 hour, we saw about 8 seperate Gorilla's including a little baby only 3 months old. We saw the mum and baby playing together, Breast feeding, farting together.... it was truely a magical experience. I sort of forgot that they are dangerous animals, the ranger kept saying 'keep back lady' but I just felt that they wouldnt hurt me!

What was really hillarious was that we had a Dutch Old lady in our group, there was no way she was going to be able to trek to the top, after 15 minutes of up hill treking she decided she wasnt going to make it!! we were at a remote village at this time, we stopped for a little rest as she was seeing double and not getting on with being at altitude. The ranger was talking to the local people from the village and within minutes a boy carried over 2 huge bamboo posts, a lady carried over some strong fabric with a huge basket and within 20 minutes they had built a stretcher for the old dear and she was carried up to see the Gorillas by 4 local boys!!! we are talking through the jungle up to our knees in mud!! They did charge her USD200, I would have charged her double!!

Any way I have to go and do some work now, so will catch up at my next stop Kruger, South Africa

Again apologies for any spelling!

PS - Louie I have a really good Gorilla Picture for you xx

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What a shit hole!


Hi All,

It has been mad! I mean busy-mad.... Please be under no illusion that I am working hard! This is the first opportunity i have had to write about my travels. I am in Rwanda at the moment, just had a few G&T's and ready for bed!

Went to the Pyramids and the Sphinx, what a day! massive crash on the motorway and took us 2 hours to get there. From the moment our taxi dropped us off we were hassled for money, it was a joke! It put a big stress on our day especially when two of our tour guides had a punch up! The pyramids are really amazing but all the artefacts (please excuse my spelling errors!!) are in the cairo museum which we didnt get to... a shams but the traffic was not on our side. I toured the pyramids on horseback which was cool, but managed to get loads of horsefly bites on my booty!

Was secretly pleased to leave Cairo and head for Rwanda. I will update some photo's soon.

First impressions of Rwands, Amazing.............To be continued!!

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My Travel Blog

5 Days to go!!

To all my family, friends & colleagues,

Most of you will be aware that I am going on a little adventure with work!

On Wednesday morning I depart on a 22 day expedition visiting Egypt, Rwanda, South Africa, Maldives, Thailand, Nepal, India & Jordan.

The Airline I work for are operating a luxury expedition tailor made for wealthy Americans. I form part of a 15 man crew that will be accompanying the aircraft & passengers ensuring that everything runs smoothly..... what could go wrong!

Time permitting I will be updating my blog daily, I invite you to have a read and share my experiences.

A very excited and nervous

Lilla x

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